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Dr. Simón Pardiñas López

_Acerca de_

  • 2005-2010 Licenciado en Odontología. Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio, Madrid

  • 2010-2011 Advanced Program in Oral Surgery. New York University College of Dentistry

  • 2011-2012 Master en Implantología y Rehabilitación Oral. European School of Oral Rehabilitation, Implantology and Biomaterials. Premio al mejor alumno de la promoción.

  • 2012 Experto en Periodoncia. Dr. Mariano Sanz, Dr. Bascones. Universidad Complutense Madrid

  • 2012 Experto en Endodoncia. Instituto Europeo de Formación Especializada

  • 2012-2013 Advanced Program in Periodontics. New York University College of Dentistry

  • 2013-2014 Diplôme Universitaire d’Implantologie Orale et Maxilo-faciale. Universidad de Toulouse.

  • 2015 Diploma Controversies and Innovations in Implants and Esthetics. Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy. Dr. Dennis Tarnow.

  • 2018 Reconstructive Periodontal Plastic Surgery in the Aesthetic Zone Course. Dr. Giovanni Zucchelli. Bolonia.

  • 2018-2019 Profesor-Investigador Visitante. Bluestone Center for Clinical Research. New York University

  • 2019 Advanced Tissue Management and Bone Grafting Course. Global Institute for Dental Education. Dr. Sascha Jovanovic. Los Angeles.

  • 2019 Curso de Cirugía Avanzada en Implantología. Santa Mónica Formación. Dr. Fouad Khoury

  • 2016 Doctorando. Universidad de A Coruña

  • Experiencia Investigadora:

  • 2018-2019 Visiting Scholar. Bluestone Center for Clinical Research – New York University

  • 2018 Pardiñas López, S (Rol, Asistente Investigador). Effect of Alveolar Ridge Preservation After Tooth Extraction in the Posterior Maxilla: A Randomized Controlled Trial. PI: Khouly, I

  • 2019 Pardiñas López, S (Rol, Asistente Investigador). Long Term Evaluation of Changes of Hard and Soft Tissues After Epi-Crestal and Sub-Crestal Placement of Ankylos Dental Implants-5 Years Results. PI: Khouly,

  • 2019 Pardiñas López, S (Rol, Asistente Investigador). Incidence of Peri-implantitis Around Implants in Function for a Minimum of 4 years. PI: Froum, SJ

  • 2019-2021 Pardiñas López, S (Rol, Coordinador). The Role of Functional Epigenetic Modifications in Peri-Implantitis: A Pilot Clinical Study. PI: Khouly, I

  • Actualmente Pardiñas López, S (Role, Team Member). The Whole Microbiome (bacteriome, virome, mycobiome) as a Marker for Predicting Colorectal Carcinogenesis Risk and Development: Personalized Medicine Beyond Oncology. PI: Germán Bou, Alejandro Mira.

  • Publicaciones:

  • 2015 "Treatment of an unusual non-tooth related enamel pearl and 3 teeth related enamel pearls with localized periodontal disease without teeth extractions: A Case report" Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry.

  • 2015 ”Histomorphometrical Analysis Of A Biopsy Harvested 10 Years Following Maxillary Sinus Augmentation With Anorganic Bovine Bone Matrix And Plasma Rich in Growth Factors: A Case Report” Implant Dentistry.

  • 2015 Co-Autor del libro “Evidence-Based Implantology”- Springer

  • 2016 “Alveolar ridge preservation after tooth extraction: a Bayesian Network meta-analysis of grafting materials efficacy on prevention of bone height and width reduction”. Journal of Clinical Periodontology.

  • 2017 ”Long-Term Implant Survival In Grafted Maxillary Sinus Using Plasma Rich In Growth Factors”. Implant Dentistry.

  • 2018 ”Locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck: A systematic review”. Oral Oncology.

  • 2019 ”Three-dimensional bone evaluation after surgical treatment with plasma rich in growth factors of Medication Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (MRONJ): A report of 3 cases”. Bone Reports

  • 2019 ”Potentially malignant disorders of the oral cavity and oral dysplasia: A systematic review and meta-analysis of malignant transformation rate by subtype. Head & Neck.

  • 2019 ”Potentially malignant disorders of the oral cavity and oral dysplasia: A systematic review and meta-analysis of malignant transformation rate by subtype. Head & Neck.

  • 2020 Efficacy of growth factors for the treatment of peri-implant diseases: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Clinical Oral Investigations.

  • 2021 Global DNA Methylation in Dental Implant Failure Due to Peri-Implantitis: An Exploratory Clinical Pilot Study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.